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Coaching Led Performance



Coaching Led Performance is a 4-day programme that helps managers focus on their 1:1 staff relationship management and their wider team management effectiveness.  There will be an increasing level of depth explored at a personal level as the cohort works together across the two modules through pairs and triad coaching and new buddy pair connections.  The 360 will be shared at the end of CLP 1.


To develop managers who are both compassionate and performance focused, who can manage teams with high levels of trust, emotional intelligence and personal efficacy.  Who develop & empower their staff to take initiative & solve their own problems.

Behavioural Outcomes:

At the end of CLP, individuals will be able to:

•   Know the difference between coaching & mentoring and understand the difference between coachable moments and mentoring/directing moments.

•   Deepen their coaching skills around perspective, noticing, listening & questioning.

•   Create environments for growth and psychological safety

•   Give and receive feedback and have healthy challenging conversations without creating or feeling personal conflict

•   Help their staff to create meaningful goals

•   Create empowered and motivated teams for “collective brilliance”

•   Delegate by empowering, not directing tasks.

•   Understand other business areas and form wider connections across EN.

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