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Coaching Led Environment


Coaching-Led Environment is a 3-day programme for all staff broken down into the SDI event and the 2-day CLE module.  Learning buddies will be established from day 1 to maintain a learning momentum through and beyond the CLE.


To develop an empowered, aligned and committed organisation where staff feel psychologically safe, are ready to stretch themselves, take initiative and ownership of their skills development and problem solving.

Behavioural outcomes

At the end of CLE, individuals will be able to:-

•  Understand others’ perspective and behavioural patterns, knowing how to approach colleagues when working together – even in conflict.

•  Understand own motivations, strengths and conflict triggers.

•  Understand what a coachable moment is and are ready to coach or be coached

•  Embrace a coaching mindset of curiosity, non-judgement and positive intent

•  Improve skills in listening, questioning, rapport building

•  Develop increased self-awareness and ownership of self-development.

•  Increased personal resourcefulness & confidence.

•  Have improved confidence and are able to take initiative solve their own problems.

•  Understand other business areas and form wider connections across EN.

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