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Masterclass 1: Effective work skills

Improving everyday effective work skills to manage time, schedule, prioritise, solve problems and make decisions.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the psychology behind procrastination, distraction and perfectionism.

  • Identify the difference between urgent and important tasks to create actionable to do lists to increase productivity.

  • Be able to plan programmes of work and daily tasks with a range of scheduling approaches and the Pomodoro technique.

  • Improve skills of breaking goals into specific and measurable objectives and set and manage boundaries at work.

  • Improve problem solving and decision making skills.

Masterclass 2: Resilience Management

Improving personal resilience and adaptive capacity for yourself and for others. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Be aware of the physical and physiological impacts of stress.

  • Understand what resilience is and how it is formed.

  • Understand the importance of consciously paying attention to resilience and the cost to individuals, teams and the organisation when is it not managed

  • Reflect on personal resilience.

  • Build strategies for managing individual and team resilience.

Masterclass 3: Impactful Presentations

The art of delivering powerful presentations is being able to connect to your audience with energy, clarity and humanity. This workshop will help build confidence and create the personal impact required to deliver presentations in meetings, briefings and to large external and internal audiences.  It will include presentation skills & tips, the use of tools, storytelling techniques, and practice presentations with feedback.


This highly interactive workshop will enable participants to:

  • Focus on the requirement and needs of the audience.

  • Be able to shift focus from WHAT is said to HOW it is said.

  • Know how to adapt communication style in a way that is clear and engaging.

  • Structure presentations, so key messages are remembered for maximum impact and influence.

  • Practice a short, real presentation and receive individual professional presentation feedback.

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